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Social & Community Services

In this sector you’ll work to help people in the wider community to be healthy and safe. You’ll know how to relate well with others, have great communication skills and work well in a team. Jobs in the sector are very varied and many have long-term career prospects, like working in the ambulance sector, community health, wellbeing or youth sectors.

Careers in
Social & Community Services
  • Ambulance Officer

    Ambulance Officers are called upon to perform a huge range of tasks as a part of their everyday duties.

  • Corrections or Probation Officer

    Corrections officers play an important role in New Zealand prisons. Qualifications offer national recognition of skills and experience gained on-the-job.

  • Diversional Therapist

    Health and wellbeing is important no matter what age you are! Diversional therapists help people of all ages stay active.

  • Health Care Assistant

    Want to provide support and care to those who need it? You can build a career in this sector too.

  • Security Guard

    The security industry offers a range of different roles and career opportunities.

  • Social Service Worker

    Like youth work, social service work is an important community role. There are genuine career opportunities for young people in this sector.

  • Support Worker

    As our population ages the roles support workers play in the community become important for people to maintain independence.

  • Youth Worker

    Youth workers support young people and their families by helping them develop quality relationships, build healthy connections, and provide them with guidance.