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Service Industries

This is a great sector for young people. If you enjoy working with people these are the trades for you.

Service Industries encompass travel to tourism, hospitality, physical fitness to financial services. In these jobs you’re the brand, dealing directly with people.

Careers in
Service Industries
  • Aeronautical Engineer

    Aeronautical engineers plan and supervise the manufacture, modification and maintenance of all types of flight vehicles, from helicopters to space vehicles!

  • Air Traffic Services

    On the ground or in the air, this has to be one of the most important areas in the aviation industry. And there's a range of opportunities to earn and learn too.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

    Servicing and maintaining aircraft to a high standard is so important. Your engineering skills will grow in this role and there's a range of on-the-job qualifications available.

  • Bus Driver

    Passenger services is a varied and challenging opportunity. Did you know we need 2,600 new people in this sector by 2020?

  • Cafe Worker

    Choosing where to eat or enjoy a drink comes down to the food, the atmosphere and, of course, great service. There are lots of qualifications available in hospitality to take your career anywhere!

  • Conventions & Incentives
    A growing part of NZ's tourism industry, sometimes known as Business Tourism, the conventions and incentives (C&I) sector is all about running seamless events, where people can meet and mingle in an environment conducive to business.
  • Cookery

    Gain the essential repertoire of culinary skills and knowledge you need to impress the most discerning diners. Cookery is a great start to your culinary career!

  • Flight Attendant

    Always dreamed of flying? You can! And you can get qualified.

  • Food Services (Catering)

    Impressing large groups of people with great food and great service, often outside of a traditional restaurant setting, can be a real challenge. Are you up for it?

  • Hospitality Management

    From hotel management to cookery, front of house to bartending, the hospitality sector has many vibrant and exciting careers.

  • Hotels & Accommodation

    Imagine running your own upscale hotel or boutique accommodation? Get started with the right skills.

  • Museum & Collections Guide

    There are new and old worlds to discover in a museum and it takes a special set of skills to run them!

  • Pilot

    Ready for take-off? Find out to get qualified in aviation, with all the practical and theoretical knowledge you'll need.

  • Retail Manager

    Excellent customer service drives the success of some of the country’s most popular retailers. Pathways into management are readily available.

  • Retail Sales

    You always remember great service, right? What made it great? A smile, their helpfulness, great customer service?

  • Retail Sales

    You always remember great service, right? What made it great? A smile, their helpfulness, great customer service?

  • Sales Representative

    Sales expertise is a skill that can take you anywhere and into any career.

  • Tourism

    Tourism is a growth industry in New Zealand. Equip yourself with the right skills to ensure visitors to Aotearoa have the best experience possible.

  • Travel

    Travel can take you anywhere. Having the right travel skills - as an agent or experienced consultant - can take you further!

  • Visual Merchandise

    Visual merchandise is a key skill for any retail career. Customers buy when product looks good! Find out more.