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Manufacturing & Technology

From hands-on production and assembly to cutting edge research, from massive machines and busy production lines, to individual crafts or computer design. These trades could involve you producing things in their millions, or making or designing individual one-offs. You might be fabricating or maintaining systems, or doing a job involving lots of thinking and planning.

Careers in
Manufacturing & Technology
  • Apparel

    From design to production and sales to distribution the variety of opportunities in the apparel industry is huge.

  • Appliance & electronics serviceperson

    Visit your kitchen (or any other room in your house) and you realise how far household appliances have advanced.

  • Automotive Electrical Engineering

    Vehicles and electronics your thing? Then get the best of both worlds with a career which combines both.

  • Automotive Engineering / Mechanic

    Have a passion for all things cars? Get to know them inside and out and keep them moving with this versatile automotive career.

  • Automotive Heavy Engineering

    Did you know that in the heavy vehicle industry there are opportunities across road transport, agriculture, plant and equipment, and materials handling equipment?

  • Automotive Refinisher

    From repair through to restoration - automotive refinishing careers offer both the scope and opportunity to excel.

  • Bakery

    Combining creativity and science with a healthy dose of hands-on work, bakery careers offer a range of opportunities as varied as the products produced.

  • Business

    Complement technical skills with a wider range of business skills including team management and sales.

  • Butchery

    Hands-on and requiring a commitment to perfecting technique the rewards of one of the world’s oldest trades are immense.

  • Canvas Fabricator

    Blending the creative with the practical and the technical - canvas fabricators can produce anything from post protectors to inflatable slides.

  • Collision Repairer/ Panelbeater

    Keen on cars, getting stuck in and keeping up-to-date with the latest technology? Then a career in collision repair could be for you.

  • Crane specialists

    Rubber tyred, track mounted mobile and tower cranes are just some of the different types of cranes used in New Zealand today.

  • Electrician

    Variety is at the heart of this career. From the size of the organisation, the type of work undertaken, to where the workplace is – this is a career where the skills you learn can take you anywhere you want.

  • Electronic security technician

    Interested in going hi-tech? Working as an electronic security technician presents the opportunity to work on jobs both big and small, ranging from the simple to the complex.

  • Engineering

    Looking to build and maintain the machinery and tools for the manufacturing and engineering industries then an engineering career could be for you.

  • Fire Protection

    Fire protection engineer’s work ranges from discussing clients’ fire protection needs to selecting, commissioning and maintaining firefighting and fire safety equipment.

  • Forestry

    Ninety-nine percent of New Zealand’s wood comes from sustainably managed forests. The sector needs 25,900 new, trained, workers by 2025.

  • Furniture

    Do you take pride in quality craftsmanship? Love creating and working with your hands? From the small scale to the big, a career in the furniture industry could be for you.

  • Heating, ventilating & air conditioning

    In homes, supermarkets, shopping malls and office buildings - heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems need people to fabricate, install and maintain them. Could this be you?

  • Heavy Vehicle Driver (Goods Service)

    Heavy vehicle driving skills are in demand. Specialist areas including goods services also offer on-the-job learning opportunities.

  • Heavy Vehicle Driver (Heavy Haulage Transport)

    Heavy Haulage involves piloting overweight and over-dimension loads all around NZ. It's a great skill to have and there is demand for skilled operators.

  • Heavy Vehicle Driver (Log Transport)

    As the forestry sector grows so does the need for log transport drivers! Find out more about this specialist skill.

  • Locksmithing

    Like working on jobs which range in scale? With a team or as an independent? A career as a locksmith can offer this and more.

  • Maritime

    With such a vast coastline and our love of the water the maritime sector offers many opportunities to build a career – be it on commercial, fishing or private vessels.

  • Motorcycle Engineering

    Is your passion motorcycles? Want to learn how to keep them on the road and customers happy?

  • Packaging

    For a career where you get to use the latest technology while maintaining a hands-on element check out the packaging industry.

  • Plastics

    Look around you and see how many things are made of plastic – we are surrounded by them. From the custom to the commercial the range of career options available are as varied as the products produced.

  • Ports Worker

    Have you always had a fascination with the operating of our ports? Working in this environment is always varied and exciting. 

  • Printing

    Working in the print industry means working with a range of people, technologies and products. From design to production the combination of creativity and technology has something for everyone.

  • Rail

    Throughout New Zealand rail moves both freight and passengers. This means the range of career options ranges from sales and management to signals and maintenance (and of course train drivers).

  • Refrigeration & air conditioning

    Manufacturing, installing and maintaining the components used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems means no two days are alike in this career.

  • Signmaking

    Love art and design, as well as the underlying details that bring ideas to life? Want to keep on learning throughout your career? Then signmaking could be for you.

  • Telecommunications - Electricity Supply

    Technology is at the heart of telecommunications. If you want to be involved in an industry where you will always be at the technological forefront - check it out.

  • Textiles

    There is a range of roles in the textiles sector producing woolen fabrics and products supporting a range of other sectors.