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Construction & Infrastructure

You'll be part of a well-run team that's committed to getting the job done safely and well, to meet the client's specifications. Trades in this industry are physical and active, you will learn by doing.

Careers in
Construction & Infrastructure
  • Agrichemical Applicaton
    Working at the heart of the agriculture sector, agrichemical applicators have the knowledge and skills that supports one of New Zealand's most important industries.
  • Appliance & electronics serviceperson
    Visit your kitchen (or any other room in your house) and you realise how far household appliances have advanced. If you like the challenge of working with different technologies across the trades spectrum then look no further.
  • Architectural Aluminium Joinery
    There's many different jobs available working with aluminium joinery. From the manufacture and design of joinery through to the installation of the finished product on site.
  • Brick & Block Laying
    Love being able to see what you’ve done? Getting stuck in while combining your practical and more artistic side? Brick and block layers get to do this and more.
  • Cable Jointer
    Want to get involved in a challenging industry offering great career opportunities and rewards? Then New Zealand’s electrical supply industry could be for you.
  • Carpentry

    This is an industry where demand for qualified professionals outstrips supply. If you're interested in carpentry and building opportunities are everywhere.

  • Civil Construction
    Looking for an opportunity to be hands on, part of a team that works towards a common goal while continuing to learn and develop new skills? Then civil construction could suit you down to the ground.
  • Civil Utilities

    Offering opportunities from the ground up (actually even including water) – if you’re a hands-on problem solver working in the civil utilities sector could be for you.

  • Concrete

    Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world. It's used in almost all areas of the building and construction industry.

  • Crane Specialists

    Rubber tyred, track mounted mobile and tower cranes are just some of the different types of cranes used in New Zealand today.

  • Drainlayer

    If you love variety and are always up for a challenge then stop right there. In an industry where professionals are always in demand your attitude and attention to detail could be the recipe for success.

  • Driller

    Looking for a practical role with a variety of work? Drilling presents the opportunity to learn a range of skills and employ problem-solving techniques to get the job done right.

  • Electrician

    Variety is at the heart of this career. From the size of the organisation, the type of work undertaken, to where the workplace is – this is a career where the skills you learn can take you anywhere you want.

  • Electricity Supply

    Want to be part of the team that makes sure there is always electricity to use?

  • Electronic Security Technician

    Interested in going hi-tech? Working as an electronic security technician presents the opportunity to work on jobs both big and small, ranging from the simple to the complex.

  • Exterior Plastering

    Like to be kept on your toes – both physically and mentally? Exterior plastering is a great option for people who love being part of a team, thrive on a challenge and aren’t afraid to get stuck in.

  • Flooring

    An industry where trained professionals are always in demand this career suits those who enjoy being part of a team, like a physical challenge and love variety.

  • Frame & Truss

    With a strong career path available there is matching demand for frame and truss manufacturers and detailers.

  • Furniture

    Do you take pride in quality craftsmanship? Love creating and working with your hands? From the small scale to the big, a career in the furniture industry could be for you.

  • Gasfitter

    If you love variety and are always up for a challenge then stop right there. In an industry where professionals are always in demand your attitude and attention to detail could be the recipe for success.

  • Glass & Glazing

    With great career options available glass and glazing specialist roles can range from manufacturing to the customised.

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

    As a key member of the civil construction works team, there is the opportunity to employ problem-solving skills, technical nous and leadership in this career.

  • Interior Systems

    Like things just so? All about the attention to detail and understand it can be the difference between good and great?

  • Joinery

    Combining traditional and modern skills to create functional or decorative pieces, joinery suits those who enjoy making sure everything is just right.

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Design

    Planning and designing dream kitchens and bathrooms combines both traditional drawing and digital technology skills.

  • Line Mechanic Distribution

    Like to get out and about? Don’t mind heights? Looking for a career that can take you anywhere? These are all things a career as a line mechanic can provide.

  • Line Mechanic Transmission

    Like to work in a team? Have a willingness to learn? Is your attention to detail second to none? Working amongst the high voltage transmission lines in the electricity supply industry could be the career for you.

  • Masonry

    Blending the traditional with the technological, masons work with traditional building tools and natural materials like limestone, granite and natural New Zealand stone to create structures and features that last.

  • Mine Worker/Manager

    If you enjoy a physical and mental challenge while working as part of a larger team then working in a mine or a quarry could be for you.

  • Network or Hydro Operator

    Working in the electrical supply industry in New Zealand is a career for life. There is demand for skilled professionals across both the electricity supply network and within the hydro-electric generation field.

  • Painting & Decorating

    Love to transform the boring into the brilliant? The mundane into the spectacular? Working with clients to bring their homes and businesses on trend is where it all starts.

  • Pavement Surfacing

    It’s all about attitude when working part of a tightknit paving crew. With a variety of techniques, machinery and tasks to master no two days are the same which means there is a strong career pathway available.

  • Plumber

    If you love variety and are always up for a challenge then stop right there. In an industry where professionals are always in demand your attitude and attention to detail could be the recipe for success.

  • Quarry Worker / Manager

    It’s not just about getting things out of the ground.

  • Resource Recovery Worker

    If reduce, reuse and recycle is your mantra then being part of New Zealand's resource recovery team could be for you.

  • Roadmarking

    For people who don’t want to be tied to their desk and enjoy the outdoors, being part of New Zealand’s roadmarking industry could be the one.

  • Roofer

    Working with changing technologies in the great New Zealand outdoors sound good? Roofing offers a great career path for team players looking for a challenge and who don’t mind heading to the top.

  • Rural Contracting

    Being at the centre of things in one of New Zealand’s biggest industries means challenges aplenty. With a variety of machinery and agricultural techniques to master you will always be learning.

  • Scaffolder

    Have a head for heights and thrive when working in a team? Scaffolding offers great opportunities.

  • Surveying

    Mixing outdoor and office work, physical and mental tasks with jobs of differing scale - it could be said that surveying delivers the best of both worlds.

  • Telecommunications - Electricity Supply

    Technology is at the heart of telecommunications. If you want to be involved in an industry where you will always be at the technological forefront - check it out.

  • Telecommunications technician

    Looking to be part of the team helping Kiwis communicate with each other and the rest of the world?

  • Tiling

    Talk about variety - every day you could be working on a different site with different materials using different techniques.